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JNG Series Self-priming Jet Pumps



JNG Series Self-priming Jet Pumps

Self-priming jet pumps are designed for suction lifts and can be installed above the water source, including applications with air entrained in the water. Reliable and low maintenance, they are suitable for domestic use, distributing and garden irrigation, etc.

These series pumps are synchronous directly connected,high effiiency silver elephant induction motor o suitable size,which is quiet running,close and extremely ventilated,suitable for continuous duty.the thermal protector is cooperated with single phase motor according to current standards.

Performance curve of JNG series self-priming jet pumps


Technical data of JNG series self-priming jet pumps


Liquid temperature up to 60°C

Ambient temperature up to 40°C

Total suction lift up to 9m

Continuous duty



Pump Body:Cast Iron


Front Cover:Cast Iron

Mechanical Seal:Carbon/Ceramic/Stainless Steel (ceramic,graphite and rubber)



Single Phase 

Heavy Duty Continuous Work

Motor Housing:Aluminum

Shaft:Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel

Insulation:Class B/Class F


Cooling:External Ventilation

Construction and safety standards:are in compliance with lec. 220v/50Hz.60hz  110v/50hz..60hz and three phase are available on request.you could customize special requirements before placing order.

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